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CAM Pipe Clearing Inc. answers frequently asked questions about water flow restoration and pipe clearing. We are in the process of developing this page. Visit our website again for more information.

What we do...

We specialize in clearing rust, lime and water scale from hot water lines. Our company has been clearing water supply lines in the Greater Chicagoland area since 1953!

Generally, it is the hot water supply pipes which become clogged, and the complaint will be "I do not have any pressure at the hot water faucet." This means that there is slow flow, not necessarily that the pressure is low. CAM Pipe Clearing will restore flow to faucets, showers, clogged risers and other pressurized systems, where conditions permit use of our equipment. We use a patented machine which was invented by our founder, Charles A. Moore. This machine clears water blockages from inside the pipe by using water and the scale itself, without breaking into walls and without using chemicals, air guns or other methods.


• Does this Process Break Pipes?

No! But if a pipe has a previous hole rusted through, it can open from a dribble to a squirting leak, which may be the best thing at that point of time, for the leak will be discovered and stopped, and if the pipe is accessible the service man will either clamp the pipe, or shut off the supply to the pipe. (We do not assume responsibility for the condition of your pipes, and a plumber would have to change the affected pipe.) Should the leak break loose on its own time, it might result in expensive water damage before it is discovered and shut off.

• How Often Do Leaks Occur?

Very infrequently! And would be a direct reflection of the condition of the pipes in the building.

• Are you Unable to Open Some Blockages?

This happens, but not often. The serviceman will do what he can to assess the problem, as to the likely cause and location. He will then suggest the next action to he taken. Only a service, or labor charge would be applied accordingly.
CAM Pipe Clearing specializes in restoring water flow to high rise and low rise buildings and residential homes. We offer the following services:

  1. The ability to clear localized branch lines to restore water flow to kitchen, showers and sinks. We have the working knowledge to service the highest quality faucets such as Grohe, Jado, Dorn Brach, Water Works, etc.

  2. The knowledge to trouble shoot circulation issues in high rise and low rise buildings.

    Example: some units may have problems with the temperature of either the hot or cold water supply. Whether the issue is a blockage in your return system, a possible crossover, building system failure or a faulty faucet CAM can help track down the cause.

  3. We can also clear blow down stations. Sometimes the blow downs at the return are overlooked as needing regular maintenance. A normal riser shut down can cause problems with rust in faucets, and expansion joints. Keeping blow downs running well can help prevent future problems in a building.

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